N4DDP and Shack

N4DDP and Shack
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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Old Gear.

I was working on my Yeasu FT-707 (yes, 707!) it's not even one of the famous 101's which I remember so well. Anyway as I was struggling with it, I complained to my wife that it seemed that all my equipment was getting old. She laughed and pointed out that it was old when we met (we've been married 12 years!) .

I suppose she is right, the Heathkit SB104 I built in 1980, right after I got out of the navy and I acquired the Yaesu in 1992, it was old then. Still, my HK does not seem like a 30+ yea old radio, it has been solid. I have needed to clean the switch contacts and a bit of care for the potentiometers and it keeps humming along. I suppose that someday I will get a radio which is not middle-aged. The HW7 and HW-8 are about as old as the SB104. ,but I did not build those, so although they are fun, they're more of the order of stuff I wanted when I was younger.
2 meters around here is almost dead compared to Southern California, I miss the QSOs I used to listen in on and take part in. I am sure that is part of the difference in living in a 600,000 population vs 10 million. It's OK, I'll take the smaller crowds. But my old Kenwood TM201 is more than I need and stays off most of the time. I did have fun building a tone board for it.
Anyway, as so many have already said elsewhere, older rigs are easier to work on. The Yeasu is probably about as complicated as I really want to work on. . . although you do what you have to do when it comes to staying on the air.

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