N4DDP and Shack

N4DDP and Shack
N4DDP in native habitat

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Busy days of Summer

Its been a while (how many blogs do you see that on?) Let's see . . . I built a fence to keep the little one out of the pond. It my work out as a great camouflage for a better antenna. I am thinking of a sloper from a corner of the fence to the chimney or vent pipe on the roof. A few radials and viola -- I'm on 40 again! I also built a Rockmite 40 for travel. I would like to also finish an amplifier and a tuner, also a portable set of paddles. I am looking forward to being able to operate when I have some down time (on vacation or such.)
Oh yeah, the smt Bitx is still waiting for me fo finsh the rx filter and PA. Just seems hard to get to it all right now.

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